Quality Products

Tawakol Metal Industries’ driving force could be simply summarized into the intense commitment to high quality products and customers satisfaction.

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Tawakol Metal Industries has been in the foundry business since 1975, specializing in the production of high quality ductile and grey cast iron products. Initially focusing on the production of pipes, fittings, penstocks, general engineering castings, covering the infra structure requirements. The company later diversified its production in order to meet the demands of the construction, water and the wastewater sector. During this period, Tawakol has demonstrated its ability to continually improve the quality of its products, thus earning itself a prestigious place in the foundry and construction business and becoming a trademark of high quality cast products. Tawakol’s lines of manhole covers, trench drains and gratings have earned its reputation of competing in quality and price with the best internationally acknowledged brands.

Aiming to diversify its production, Tawakol has been developing new lines of products to cover a wide range of requirements for residential and commercial communities with products such as tree grates, fire hydrants , lamp posts, bollards, street signs and table bases. This expanding range of products does not come to an end, where we continue to encourage the production of custom made castings to fulfill specific market requirements, which ensures that we meet market demands and customer satisfaction, meanwhile enabling us to continue expanding our market base.